The Experience -

the Experience

When your athletes think back to their sports careers, they want to remember how great everything was:
all the excitement, all the great plays, all the emotion . . . not how much time they spent in a studio “posing” for boring photos no one will ever look at again. Our studio is the football field, the baseball field, the softball field, the soccer field, the gymnasium, the golf course, the wrestling mat . . . anywhere the action is. Our photographers are right on the sidelines with the coaches and players and we work very hard to capture your athletes at the peak of their performance, getting those incredible action shots your entire family will treasure for a lifetime.

In a typical school year our photographers will shoot over 200,000 sports photos that are saved in our
massive database. At the end of each individual sports season, we select the best action shots from our files and use these to create stunning, one-of-a-kind, personalized Sports Collages that capture all the best moments of your athlete’s season. These collages are a wonderful opportunity to capture forever those great moments in an athlete’s life and will be a memorable family keepsake whose future value is priceless. Why settle for the standard posed shot of your athlete dressed in his or her sparkling clean uniform when you can have one of our great collages instead – with real game action shots containing all the raw power and real emotion only High School sports can provide. Visit our Collages Gallery for examples and information on all the sizes and Sports Collage options we offer.
Our operation is 100% digital and we use some of the latest Canon and Nikon cameras and lenses. All images are captured in “RAW” mode. Unlike JPEG’s, RAW files (also referred to as digital negatives) give us great latitude for enhancing and color correcting our images in post-production. This also means any photograph can be made into color, black and white, sepia, or one of many other custom effects you’ll see show up in our great Sports Collages. Working with RAW images is more time consuming and requires more computer storage, but the high quality photographs and collages we can produce make it well worth the extra effort. We also safeguard our images with redundant on-line backup, as well as in-studio backup. Our post-production is done in Photoshop using our calibrated high definition monitors and computers, which we custom build ourselves. Tim has used virtually every Photoshop program since its beginning, including the latest version, and is expert at making your athlete’s photos and collages the finest they can be. Our clients deserve the very best!
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