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Ethan Scheffler 11 x 14 Collage

Janie and I were both in tears when we opened the UPS package. You will never know our feelings nor how much this means to us. We immediately hung it in the entryway in our home. Thank you so very much. It will always be treasured. Again, thank you! You have just made our home brighter!


Bob and Jane Meyer

Eagle Scout 11 x 14

This is awesome work. We have never seen anything like this in our 30 plus years dealing with the Boy Scouts! Thank you for your creative work.

Maureen and Bob Irby

Liz Loseke 20 x 24 Sports Collage_2013
Thank you so much Tim!

This is a super way to save memories I could never capture on film!

June Loseke

Kurt Frenzen 16 X 20 inch Sports Collage

Thank you so much for the Collage you put together for me. You do tremendous work and it is much appreciated.  I proudly display your collage from this year alongside the ones from previous seasons in my family room. 

The work that you have done for the community is enjoyed by a countless number of people. The time and effort you have put into covering Lakeview activities is unbelievable! Every year you go above and beyond to capture memories for Lakeview students. 

Thank you again for all that you have done for me and for Lakeview athletics.  THREE CHEERS FOR THE VIKINGS!

Your Friend from Friday Nights, 

Kurt J.Frenzen (Head Football Coach, Lakeview High School)

Dear Mr. Cumberland,

On behalf of the Dirty Derby Committee, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your significant contribution to the inaugural Dirty Derby 5K Mud Run. 

Your photographs provided a special way of capturing the fun and excitement from the day. It was more than we could ask that you allowed participants to download the photos for their personal use at no cost.  

PhotoExperts.net has truly helped to make a difference in our community and we cannot thank you enough.

With Warmest Regards,

Jessica J. Kuehler
Committee Member

Kyle Bonk 16 X 20 inch Sports Collage

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your time and expertise in capturing the high school football pics over the last three years. We will always be able to look at the Collages and Photos and treasure the memories! Thank you for all that you have done for us!

"You're the Best!"

Deb and Kyle Bonk

Mark Jarecki 16 X 20  Track Sports Collage


Holy Cow! I love your work! I am pleased and I am sure Mark will be very pleased also!!! You are very talented and I am so glad you are around for my kids to have these memories to save forever!!! 

Thanks Tim!

Ileana Jarecki

Jack Shadley 20 x 24 Sports Collage_2013


Thanks for providing your great photo services to the students and parents of Lakeview High School. As Lakeview's Activities Director, I've had the pleasure of working with you since PhotoExperts.net began covering Lakeview athletics in 2007. I have to say your professionalism is unparalleled and the quality of your work is outstanding. 

Your Sports Collages are fantastic and I know you put your heart (and time) into the creation of each one of these stunning pieces. You are truly there for the kids.  

Thanks Tim, for helping preserve these precious memories for so many of our patrons. Keep up the great work!

Jake Shadley,
Activities Director, Lakeview High School

Paben_School_Record_11 x 14

OH MY GOODESS! When I got to my building today your package was waiting for me on my desk and when I opened it I cried! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! 

I showed everyone that was still at school, including Coach Lange and Coach Frenzen. They both thought it was really cool! I think I need to build on a Showcase Room for all your great photos! I’m so overwhelmed right now! I just can’t thank you enough! 


Lisa Paben (Upon receiving the Sports Collage highlighting her son Logan’s new school record in the Pole Vault)

Tara Starzec 16 X 20 inch 2013 Collage


Tara's collage looks fantastic! She really likes it - she spent time looking at it in detail. Ron says it is amazing. We really appreciate the time you take to make these so special for the families. We are excited to see what you come up with for Adam, since you set your own standards so high :o)

Donna Starzec

Tim -

Thank you for taking time to make such a great keepsake for Rob Marshall and Christian! We were all at a loss for words when we saw the picture. Then to celebrate them getting Big Pal of the year makes the picture even more meaningful.

Thank you and God Bless!

Kristin Jacobson

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